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Things NOT to do in your First Job

 Posted On : September 18, 2017


Securing a job in your area of interest and a good organization is a dream come true for students who have just passed out of college.But whether you are a graduate with Honors or are from a top university, starting to work can bring along an entirely new set of challenges.You have a big road ahead of you filled with new lessons for life.If you have the right job in your hand, now you need to handle it carefully.Maintaining discipline and forming a good impression on the employer goes a long way in enhancing your performance at your first job.While getting your first job is quite exciting, there are a few things you must keep in your mind before diving into it.So here we are going to give you some of the less-obvious advice based on the blunders lots of freshers make.The following article lists things not to do in your first job.Read on to know more:

Forgetting your colleagues’ names

When you are introduced to someone, be it the Boss or employer, your colleague, junior or any team member. make sure to remember their names.Forgetting names gives away a bad impression.While greeting anyone, go for a handshake only when that person extends his hand otherwise a smile is more than enough.

Filling the Desk with all your things on the very first day

Don’t be in a lot of hurry to move in the office.Take your time to adjust and get an idea of the office culture first.Don’t spread all your things on the office desk on the very first day like it is your room.Take the minimum possible personal items on the first day and remember that the place belongs to someone else.

Being Late too often

Whether it is regarding the time to arrive at the office or completing an assigned task before the deadline, try to be on time as much as possible.Unless there is a genuine situation like being sick or stuck in serious traffic, try your best to be on time.Prioritize your projects so that they are submitted before the deadline expires.

Trying to be an Expert on the first day

It is good that you want to get involved in everything and make a difference as soon as possible.But slow down a little!!  truth is you are only expected to show that you are eager and willing to learn and you care what goes on in the office.So Just relax!! No one likes over-zealous new employees who think they have the solution to all the problems without even understanding how things work first.You will impress your boss more by learning the everyday things about your duties and department first.As you progress and are familiar with your work and workplace, you can ask for new and exciting opportunities.Learn as much as possible from your colleagues because they definitely know what they are doing.

Revealing too much about yourself

Taking part in conversations that are not needed and revealing too much about yourself is a mistake made by most young professionals.This becomes a cause of their own stress a while later because you don’t know what kind of person your colleague is when you discuss your personal thoughts, opinions or things about life with them.As a newbie, you don’t know whom to trust so be careful with how much you are giving away about yourself because you can easily become the office gossip or anyone can use that information against you.Hence you should talk only as much as it is essential.Keep your tone of voice and language as neutral and formal as possible.

Saying too much “NO” or “YES”

As it is rightly said, an excess of anything is never good.As far as your employer is concerned, he wants to give you workload to test if you can work under pressure or not.So saying No too often will only leave a bad impression of yours on the employer.Try to be ready to take up the work as much as possible but as we said, too much of anything is bad.So know when to stop!! Being helpful is good but always saying yes to everything even when you don’t have the time and energy to execute the work properly will only land you in trouble.So say yes only when you feel you can and want to do it.Take that much pressure only how much you can handle or you will start resenting your first job itself.

Getting involved in office politics and Gossip

This one is really simple and if you were intelligent you may have learned this in your school or college itself.But still, we are repeating once more!! Don’t be a part of or take part in the office gossip in any way.Standing by the water cooler to listen to rumor spreaders talking baseless stuff when you should be working will never give out a good impression to the management.When you hear a gossip, it’s better to stay silent and just smile.Refrain from making any comments.So before you become a victim of such people, distance yourself from them.Don’t say anything about someone that you can’t say to them yourself.

Being silent and not asking for Help

As a fresher, you are expected to ask questions and be inquisitive even about the smallest things.No one expects you to know everything and you even get the advantage to make silly mistakes and ask stupid questions.When you are not clear about something, ask first before proceeding because it will be better to avoid mistakes later.Your colleagues have faced the same issues you are facing now so go ahead and ask the most basic questions from them if need be.Be it how to make a zipped folder or how does the photocopy machine work.People tend to help you less when they know you are aware of what to do.So take advantage of being a fresher and learn the way around the office.

Not Updating your Boss with your work

This is the mistake most freshers make.They think working silently is enough but at the end of the day, what you do must be made known to your boss.You must keep your supervisor or manager in the loop to give them regular updates on what you are working on and how much progress you have made.Get to know how often your employer like to be updated on the work done whether on a weekly basis or emails at regular intervals and try to update them regularly.This way they will know how hard you are working and you will also avoid last-minute glitches.

Not being Grateful

Though this may not be your dream job, don’t forget that these people trusted you and hired you despite not having any experience! these are the people from whom you are getting your very first lessons of professional life, so value that no matter what.Even if it is not your desired profile, but you will definitely learn a life-long lesson here.Don’t think of it as a waste of time because you are gaining valuable experiences from this.Dealing with clients, running presentations or just spending time in a professional environment is an experience in itself.

*Last Notes*

Try not to make the above mistakes at your first job and you’ll sail through your first month smoothly.A few points that we may have missed, but are important are things like avoiding showing off at the workplace and be patient always(especially in meetings) and try to pay attention.Avoid taking sides and be as neutral as possible.

written by- Ankita Srivastava